The Commons

Public Access

Visitors are welcome, and public access is allowed over the whole common on foot, but there are certain exceptions. During 1st April to 31st July, the public must keep to footpaths in open areas, as there are many ground nesting birds, and it is necessary to disturb them as little as possible. Horse riders and cyclists should always keep to tracks to prevent deterioration of the heathland. Dogs may walk off the leash between 1st August and 28th February, but must be kept under strict control. See our parking page for information on accessing the Commons by car.

There is a set of Regulations (Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 ) which governs the behaviour and actions of the public on the Commons, both for the safety of the wildlife and the general protection of the Commons. In particular, do not light fires, disturb or move wildlife or fauna, interfere with the grazing animals, use a metal detector, or carry any firearms on the Commons. There are restrictions on kite flying and flying model aircraft, and these are not permitted between 1st March and 31st July.

Except under conditions specified in the Code of Practice, motor vehicles, including scramble and quad bikes, are not permitted, apart from mobility scooters, which must keep to defined paths for the safety of the driver. A full list of the conditions in the regulations is here.

The Byelaws relating to the use of the Commons set out permitted behaviour and activities on the Commons under the provisions of Greenham and Crookham Commons Act 2002.

A map of the Commons is available online on the BBOWT website.